Under pressure from budget gyms, and with limited resources, The Edge had lost a bit of its edge. We were tasked with developing a digital campaign that would excite its busy, style conscious student audience and give it the cool image it deserves.

We shot existing members working out hard, up close and personal to capture their exhaustion and exhilaration, not just the facilities. With a driving voiceover and bold graphic messaging, this set the tone for what to expect from The Edge in our Your Gym. Your Move. video.

The University of Leeds

Feeling the weight of cheap competition and limited budgets, The Edge – Leeds University’s new state of the art, on-site gym – faced a steep climb to the top.

We designed a bold campaign to raise awareness, excite its student audience and give the gym the confident feel of its cool, stylish rivals.

The crunch

Even though all students at the university get free access to The Edge’s facilities for their first year, many don’t take up the offer. Lack of awareness was the major issue so our challenge was to develop a campaign that would stand out on campus, in the city centre and across digital channels, encouraging visits.

Jumping creative

Built round a concept that talks directly to the students, our Your Gym. Your Move. campaign messaging is driving, minimal, strong and challenging. The designs are brave with strong graphics. We art directed bold photography & video with gym members as the heroes, to showcase the facilities and dial up the cool.

Raising the bar

From the indoor swimming pool and state-of-the-art football pitches to sports halls and equipment, The Edge has a lot more than most budget challengers, to shout about. This campaign flaunts them all and roll out includes a short, striking film, teaser stings and bill posters as well as a raft of social media assets, to make sure it gets spotted by the people who count.


Campaign creative
Graphic design
Art direction

Video editing
Image retouching

Content creation
Outdoor media