Roque Properties, the super-premium property developer, needs to convey the scale, rare levels of luxury and quality craftsmanship of their masterpiece living spaces, to excite and inspire potential clients and investors alike.

An elegant identity, inspired by the luxurious, natural elements that are core to these stunning living space designs, sets expectations high.

For the stunning Casa da Quinta, we designed and created a beautiful coffee table book – a sensuous celebration in design and print.

Embellished throughout with gold foils and exotic papers, it puts the luxury and craftsmanship of Roque Properties straight into your hands.

Working hand in hand, our creative team and in-house Print Lab designed, printed and hand finished every book, ready for Roque Properties to present to clients. Materials and breathtaking imagery work together, turning what could have been a simple brochure into an experience for all the senses.

A clean, stylish website showcases these epic living spaces. Simplicity of design makes the properties the hero and lifestyle shots are selected to complement the brand colour palette.

Every element of design and production is designed to build confidence in the business and the quality of development at stake.

Roque Properties

Investing in a property can be as much an emotional decision as a rational decision. Does it make you feel the way you want it to? And if you’re selling it, how do you do stand out before a client can visit it, or before it even exists?

Roque Properties need to convey the scale and rare levels of luxury and quality craftsmanship of their masterpiece living spaces, to excite and inspire potential clients and investors alike.

Identity of distinction

Exquisite, natural materials are core to the Roque Properties luxury ethos. Weaving the elements earth, air, water, spirit and fire, into elegant symbols we combined them to create a distinctive, geometric brand identity. A sophisticated, web safe colour palette and photography with an epic feel suggest contemporary luxury and refinement.

A sense of opulence

Infusing the level of detail, consideration and high standards that go into Roque Properties’ developments into all the brand’s behaviours builds confidence in the business. This includes how the properties are marketed, and starting with Portugal’s stunning Casa da Quinta, this meant minimal design, surprising textures and impressive scale.

Crafted in-house

We designed and built a clean, elegant website, showcasing high res images and fly throughs, to take you into the heart of the properties. A large, bespoke, hand-finished, cloth-wrapped and foiled coffee table book, made in house at Digitronix, stimulates the senses, celebrating the feeling of craftsmanship and quality in each space.

Global appeal

Our work with Roque Properties has attracted clients from around the world. Properties are selling and many are opting to partner with the developers on ambitious luxury developments. Look out for the next book…


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