Northern Gas Networks needed a visual language to help connect industry leaders to their new Hydrogen initiative, H21. We created a visual toolkit and a bank of assets to help them communicate to an audience of political leaders, engineers, councils and corporations.

The H21 project is led by a some of the UK's most ambitious energy pioneers and we wanted a similarly ambitious brand to match. We made use of grids, topographic lines, and technical drawings paired with simple, structured typography and a bank of illustrations. Our challenge was to develop an identity that was accessible to a non-technical audience, without losing the gravitas of this ground-breaking scientific project. The result was a modern, creative treatment that raised the bar for technical communications within the engineering sector.

Northern Gas Networks

Northern Gas Networks approached us to refine the existing H21 logo and create new visual elements, bringing them together to form a new visual identity and website for the project. Our process and guidelines helped deliver a 500 page viability report aimed at government and policymakers, whilst the website we designed and built sparked excitement with key stakeholders and target audiences.

Visual Toolkit

Covering off everything from typography to tone of voice, our toolkit is a comprehensive guideline that enables designers and marketeers to create compelling collateral for H21 whilst maintaining brand integrity.

Engaging website

From policy makers to engineers, the H21 website excites and engages broad sections of society, motivating them to discover more about the project. Its simple and striking design and subtle interactions delight the user, stepping away from the typically safe visual language of the energy industry.

Design system

A huge bank of assets that included a range of technical illustrations, icons, patterns, page layouts, typography, diagrams, tables, figures and graphics add pace and energy to the scientific content. The design system works, Northern Gas Networks in-house team and partner agencies have already developed a broad range of assets, from reports to video content.


Concept development
Graphic design
Brand identity
Visual Toolkit
Digital and UX design
Web development
Print production
Book printing and binding
Foil blocking
Project Management