An inward investment campaign to raise the profile of Birmingham's fast-paced FinTech industry, making it a go-to destination for US entrepreneurs.

Think smart. Move fast. Make money. Rich in tech, innovation and financial services, Birmingham provides a fast-paced, agile platform for FinTech pioneers. Top talent, fast finance, better business.FinTech Birmingham. Follow the smart money.

West Midlands Growth Company

The City of Birmingham has a thriving FinTech economy. Situated just a short distance from London, and as such has the world’s financial markets on its doorstep, make it the ideal location to grow a tech business. WMGC were sending an inward investment team to the world famous SXSW tech festival in Houston, Texas and wanted a campaign to support their presence at the show and to connect with state-side entrepreneurs in advance of the festival.

Targeting FinTech

Our campaign had to stand out through a sea of digital and social communications, targeting tech investors looking to grow their businesses and generate strong leads that the team could meet in Houston.

Disruptive creative

Through research we knew our target audience was entrepreneurs who saw themselves as disruptors, so we developed ‘Tech for life’ that would underpin our communications and align the region with the audience.

The smart money

We developed a campaign narrative that resonated with FinTech audiences and encouraged them to follow other smart investors who’ve seen their businesses boom in Birmingham.


Art direction
Campaign concepts
Campaign creative

Inward investment marketing
Graphic design
Digital design