To turn the heads of Europe’s most discerning auto customers, we rebooted the jet age to create a dramatic launch campaign for an exceptional luxury car.

When you’re offering a handcrafted approach, any detail photography has to scream quality.

A special car deserves more than just a launch brochure, so we wrote, designed and created a beautiful, cloth bound, debossed, hardback coffee table book in our Print Lab. It's delighting recipients. And it's handcrafted, just like Speedback GT.

The photography has maximum impact and the exquisite workmanship of the car is reflected in a desirable, conversation starting piece of print.

A dramatic, frosty, winter photoshoot gave us amazing hero images to bring high impact Speedback Silverstone Edition excitement to the David Brown Automotive website.

David Brown Automotive

With the launch of the high performance Speedback Silverstone Edition slated for the fast approaching Geneva Motorshow, luxury carriage builder David Brown Automotive asked for a launch campaign. One with the spirit and style to inspire fans, excite an elite audience and help get this stunning 601bhp car on some impressive shopping lists.

Supersonic brief

This is a dream request. Designing, shooting and producing all the launch materials for this limited production GT. The catch? The limited time available. The solution? Meticulous planning, a dedicated team and an anything is possible attitude.

Creative treatment

We’ve worked with the David Brown Automotive team since they first developed Speedback, so we know the brand and its audience well. This special edition’s styling is inspired by the jet age, an era providing strong design cues to bring drama and spirit across print, digital and video. 

Sub-zero photoshoot

The Silverstone track in Baltic conditions and an icy wind blowing snow across the tarmac added to the drama and excitement of our shot list. The end results blew us away. We retouched the images and produced all the print in-house, to retain full control of quality within the tight timescales.

Quick cut

Photoshoots are a great chance to catch video footage and get more value out out of the time available. Our launch film showcases the car amid the drama of the Silverstone frost and gets you behind the scenes of the important handcrafted details, from metal rolling through to leatherwork.

Challenge accepted

David Brown Automotive’s audience mostly engages with the brand digitally and demands the highest standards of production across the board.  Delivering content that grabs attention, builds a following and elevates perceptions of these stunning automobiles always drives us to push ourselves.


Creative concepts
Graphic design
Content creation

Image retouching
Video editing

Digital print
Print finishing