The beer aisle can be an intimidating place for the novice craft beer shopper, with hundreds of brews to choose from. Our work with Asda uses design to introduce a quality, own brand, craft beer with a difference to new audiences. Whilst building confidence in their ability to choose well – whoever they’re buying for.

Asda craft beer

Our response was to keep things simple, be authentic and provide clarity in a crowded segment.

With hundreds of craft beers to choose from, it’s easy to see why so many customers have started to feel intimidated by the beer aisle. 

Asda want to make the world of craft beer accessible to all. Our job has been to create a design language for the packaging of their first, own brand craft beer range, to demystify this exciting new world and help future fans make their choices with confidence. 

Affordably premium

Some own brand products just shouldn’t appear cheap or budget alternatives to a premium offering. Our strategy of designing to enhance this product’s appeal positions it as a premium product, even with its down to earth price.


To be clear that this is a supermarket own brand product that’s in no way a compromise on quality or taste, we’ve given prominence to both ASDA’s brand and that of Bad Co, the Yorkshire based craft brewery producing the beer. It’s a partnership to celebrate, the accessibility of ASDA and the reputation and attitude of Bad Co.


As a craft beer alternative to mainstream beers and lagers, the range has to stand out from the crowd and help shoppers feel happy they’re making an informed choice. Simplicity of design, elegant typography and a clean, white background gives contrast on-shelf. Clear, prominent tasting notes tell you what to expect from your chosen beer.


Each can features two original illustrations. The first forms part of the ‘Brewed exclusively for Asda’ roundel, while a second, more abstract illustration is used to give each beer a uniquely craft feel. Each design also functions as visual tasting notes, giving customers a subtle indication of what they can expect from the contents within.

Design effectiveness

The product launched nationally without any marketing, putting our design’s shelf appeal to the test. On the day of launch, sales out-performed the launch of another craft beer (from a very popular brewery) by over 600%. And at time of writing, it’s continuing to outsell many more established craft beer brands.


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