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30.04.19 — News

An inspired identity for Infinite Scotland

Bold plans and secret corners

“I want it to be the tour company that does THE BEST holidays.” Was where the Infinite Scotland journey really started to get serious.”Ones that show you Scotland as you never really get to see it, unless you really know it.”

A passion for Scotland and sharing stories across the world of its beauty, secret corners and bucket-list status makes for a great guide. Creating a whole business around it is a bigger deal.  With a big idea and a list of contacts as long as her arm, Infinite Scotland’s founder Helen started talking to us when it was just a twinkle in her eye. Pooling the knowledge of her friends, family and contacts (including Digitronix) across the tourism and marketing world for support, advice and ideas for business positioning and naming, the business plan took shape. 

Ben Vrackie

Inspiring a tourism identity

Eventually, the only thing missing was an identity to help set premium perceptions and build confidence in the service on offer.

We offered to help Helen as part of our business incubator. Bringing the skills of an illustrator and designer into the mix we worked with Helen to develop a simple, yet distinctive, identity reflecting the landscapes and colours that inspired her business.


Representing a special experience

The objective was to appeal to audiences who value the tailored, personal approach of the business. It had to work in digital and print formats and needed to help bring a WordPress website theme to life, as well as work for the business on social media channels.

Infinite Scotland

The logo features a bespoke illustration representing the mountains, waters and archipelagos of the Scottish Highlands in an infinite circle, with a palette reflecting the land, sea and sky. We recommended imagery that feels involved and in the moment, reflecting the special Scotland up close experiences as well as the epic landscapes on offer.


What inspired us about an Infinite Scotland tour?

“We tailor every tour to the people we’re hosting, planning in some really special moments.  For example, everyone wants to see Loch Ness and drink whisky.  But did you know that there are over 31,000 lochs in Scotland as well as a thriving alternative food and drink scene?!” Helen explained. 

“So of course, if it’s a bucket list adventure, we’ll definitely visit Loch Ness – but instead of whizzing past the same views as everyone else, we’ll take our time, take the road less travelled, and take a break in the golden evening sunshine, washing down some incredible local cheeses with locally brewed craft beer, or gin, as we scan the waters for Nessie!  

“And the next day?  We’ll walk it all off again with a trip up to a secret viewpoint above one of our other 31,000+ stunning lochs with more tales of clan battles, mythical creatures and legendary characters from Scotland’s rich folklore.”

So the buzz is building for Infinite Scotland. And we can’t wait to see how the story unfolds from here on.

For more on our business incubator, read this.

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