For the launch of Mini Remastered, a handcrafted revamp of the original Mini, we captured the spirit and style of the original 60s icon in colour, photography and film.

Our Mini Remastered story is simple, take this national treasure that means so much to so many. Carefully deconstruct into a collection of small parts, then slowly and meticulously reengineer from the ground up to meet the demands of modern day life.

Take a minute to breathe. There’s no hurry. Relax, this moment belongs to you. Adjust the mirrors and slip on those soft leather driving gloves. Check for neutral. Gently grip the wheel and let the energy flow.

David Brown Automotive Mini Remastered

Mini, a car synonymous with 1960s British culture, draws big, emotional responses from deep within its fans. 

David Brown Automotive asked us for support in their development and marketing of Mini Remastered – a revamped, beautifully handcrafted version of the original that blends the spirit and personality of a design classic with today’s technology.

Pole position

We were involved in this project from inception through to completion.  From compiling mood boards and inputting on the colour and trim combinations, through to developing a web-based car configurator tool, we gained unique insights to inform every detail of messaging, design and photography, to raise anticipation and accentuate at launch.

Imagine you’re there

Marketing content that reflects the craftsmanship, passion and unique, bespoke nature of these cars is key to engaging our audience of fans and customers. Feelings of anticipation and excitement; of owning it, sitting in it and starting the engine, all live within every line of copy, the styling and art direction on the photo and video shoot, and the design and experience of the website.

Launch control

A short film set the scene for the big reveal. Our team cast the models, styled and directed the shoot – combining film and photography – to create a bank of moving and still images. All post production was managed in-house. Graphics and brochures were also written, designed, printed and finished in-house, ready for two premium launch events.

Across the line

At the pre-launch event alone, 30+ pre-orders were placed and delighted customers are now taking delivery of their special orders. Demand continues to grow and an impressive waiting list is testament to the unwavering commitment of David Brown Automotive to the quality and spirit of Mini Remastered.


Concept development
Graphic design
Brand identity
Photography and art direction

Car configurator
Digital and UX design
Web development
Storyboard creation

Video editing
Image retouching
Event branding

Print production
Book printing and binding
Foil blocking
Project Management