Every year, future undergraduates are served up a smorgasbord of adverts, imagery and content from Universities, all vying for their attention. Aston University wanted to break through this noise and speak directly to Generation Z in a braver, bolder way.

20% increase
in UG 
against the sector
average of 0.2%.

Whilst the rest of the world is chasing millennials and the over 50s, universities want conversations with Generation Z. Tech-led and influencer focused, these individuals want involvement with brands that are loyal and trustworthy. To engage today's young people, Aston had to be real, believable and in the right places.

Surge of 31,000
visits to the campaign
landing page.

Real Aston graduates shared their stories, taking centre stage across the campaign.

The campaign video alone has racked up more than 500,000 views on YouTube, so far.

Aston University

Aston University in Birmingham wanted to push its appeal further afield than previous years, reaching more ambitious Generation Z’s and increasing undergraduate applications. Our ‘Here is Aston’ campaign achieved a 20% uplift of UG applications year on year, when the sector average was just 0.2%.


Designed to jump out of OOH and screen locations alike, our striking, confident campaign boldly sets out exactly who the University is for. Students emerging from a distinctive bright slash and copy that plays to the audience’s sense of themselves encourage our targets to identify that Aston is right for them.

Making an impact

Targeting Birmingham and pushing out into its surrounding towns and cities for Aston’s next intake of undergrads, media bookings included some exciting, high impact outdoor sites as well as digital channels. Grabbing attention in these busy, noisy locations with the right messages and subtle animation was key to increasing applications.

Strong messaging

We’re speaking to the “do generation” about taking charge of their own future. These are the minds leading new research, discoveries and challenging the status quo. So, to inspire our young audience, we penned an emotive poem to be the basis of the campaign, driving copy and video content.

Real people matter

We worked with real Aston undergraduates who shared the University’s role in their own success stories. They and their inspiring stories were the stars of the campaign. 

Social influences

Social media interaction trends identified that showcasing real students would generate the high engagement needed to hit target. Our team of undergraduates took the centre stage again featuring in Instagram mosaics, social video content and promoted posts.

Reaching further

At the heart of the campaign were video and social animations, which set an upbeat tone for the activity – Featuring the success stories of our Aston students, they brought the university’s confident attitude to life and gave the messaging a sense of authenticity. To date, the video has had over 500,000 views on YouTube.


Campaign creative and copy
Art Direction and Photography
Image retouching

Set prop build
Video editing

Social content
OOH advertising
HTML5 display banners